Rules of Referral When a Netconnect subscriber makes a referral to Netconnect, they receive a month of service free. It's a simple, but there are rules that need to be followed.

Rules of Referral

Because of serious abuses to the Referral Program, Netconnect has set these rules.

Red ArrowThe person who made the referral must Email, with the name of the referral. Without this Email, no referral credit will be given.

Red ArrowThe Email indicating the referral must be received BEFORE the person signs up. This is very important!

Red ArrowThe person who made the referral will get credited with one month of service after the person whom they have referred has paid for their second consecutive month of internet service.

Red ArrowThere is no penalty, or other problems with referring people who do not sign up with Netconnect. It's better to refer the name, and have them not sign up, than to not get credited for a referral by not Emailing in their name.

Red ArrowA Netconnect subscriber may refer up to 10 total names per month.

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